Commercial Services




Two Rivers Glass & Door, Inc. is primarily a supplier and installer of glass and aluminum storefront. We specialize in insulated glass units, plate glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, mirrors, spandrel, storefront, curtain wall, and aluminum panels.

Aluminum Storefront – Flush Glaze

Storefront is a non-residential, non-load bearing assembly of commercial entrance systems and windows usually spanning between the floor and the structure above, designed for high use/abuse and durability. Storefront is the most commonly used business exterior. Flush glaze aluminum storefront is the most economical and widely used commercial system. It is used when the frame heights is typically 13’ or under. If your frame height is going to be over 13’, consider curtain wall.

Storefront Construction

Our experienced glaziers specialize in installing new aluminum storefronts and entryways in new commercial building and remodeling existing buildings. Aluminum entrance doors and windows are available in standard and custom sizes and finishes.

Curtain Wall

A Curtain wall system is typically used in larger openings or where the framing extends past 13’ in height. Curtain wall is a more efficient system than storefront framing. It is designed to take on larger windows and is more effective at keeping water from entering the system. A properly designed curtain wall can span several floors.

Metal Panels

Panels are designed for where a flush or flat appearance is desired. The panels interlock to provide a flush appearance while providing additional strength. Panels can be used in conjunction with aluminum framing to offer a distinctive look.

Broken Storefront Window Replacement

We replace broken storefront windows: plate glass, insulated glass units, laminated safety glass, and tempered safety glass.

Fogged / Broken Insulated Glass

Insulated window glass consists of two or more panes of glass separated by a piece called a spacer. The spacer creates a cavity of air between the two panes of glass. An adhesive is applied to the spacer creating an airtight, watertight seal that traps the air or gas within the cavity between the two panes. The entire assembly – is often referred to as an insulated glass unit (IGU). Over time, insulated glass units will begin to lose their seal allowing air and moisture to creep in, resulting in a cloudy or foggy appearance between the panes of glass.

Commercial Door Repair

Two Rivers Glass & Door specializes in fixing and installing doors for commercial properties in and around the Des Moines Metro Area.